Your Go - To For FAA PMA Parts As Well As Our Newly Released "Maggie Ignition Systems"
U.S. Patent   US 9,281,663 B2

New Horizons Maggie Aircraft Ignition Systems 

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They Also Can Guide You To The Correct Harness For The Magnetos They Just Overhauled!

1411 CR 3535
Honey Grove, Texas 75446
Ph: 903-378-7205
Cell: 903-227-2762


Professional Aircraft Ignition Services For All Piston Engine Ignitions
All GA aircraft, from modern to classic, experimentals and vintage warbirds – we can do it!
Aircraft Ignition Services, LLC is committed to impeccable quality and personalized service at an outstanding value. We pride ourselves on fast turnarounds and exceptional service support. Your satisfaction is our goal. We are always here for you, to answer questions or assist in any way we can.


Services Offered By Aircraft Services

  • Test
  • Magneto Repair
  • 500 hour inspections
  • Overhauls
  • Harness Repair
  • Parts
  • Magneto Sales
  • Troubleshooting
  • Free Estimates

We service Bendix, Slick, Eisemann, American Bosch, G.E. and more!
Meet the Crew

For years, Joe’s Aircraft Ignition Service, located at Love Field in Dallas, Texas, set an industry standard in magneto and harness repair. Joe consistently offered quality workmanship and service at affordable prices.  However, in 2014, Joe decided it was time to throttle back. When Kevin and Leah learned of his decision, they knew they had to take the controls, continuing the tradition he began.

In 2014, Joe’s became Aircraft Ignition Services, LLC and was moved northeast of Dallas to a new facility to better suit the needs of its customers. The shop is located 3 miles south of Honey Grove, Texas on a 2900 X 100 ft. grass strip, directly beneath the Monte Airways intersection.

Sadly, we lost Joe in 2015. He will be greatly missed.  But Aircraft Ignition Services, LLC is committed to continuing the legacy Joe left behind, providing impeccable quality and outstanding service.