Your Go - To For FAA PMA Parts As Well As Our Newly Released "Maggie Ignition Systems"
U.S. Patent   US 9,281,663 B2

New Horizons Maggie Aircraft Ignition Systems 

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Maggie Ignition Systems employs the latest space age techniques to produce an ignition assembly which is unparalleled in concept, construction, reliability and performance. Some competitive harnesses on the market have some of its features but, only the genuine "Maggie Ignition Systems" by New Horizons Aircraft Ignition Systems has ALL of them!


Made With Silicone:

The Built-In Temperature Fighter.


Easy On The Wallet:

It’s Low In Initial Cost, Simple To Install, And Economical To Replace, Either In Part Or Whole!


As Flexible As Your Needs:

Specially Engineered, Soldered-On, Machine Fittings; Adapt To Standard 5/8-24 or 3/4-20 Large Barrel Spark Plugs And All Aircraft Magnetos.


Nothing To Add:

The Harness Comes From The Factory Ready For Installation. Complete With Magneto Plates, Attaching Hardware, And With All Major Stress Points Reinforced By Long-Life Protective Collars.


Constructed To Outlast And Out-Perform Any Harness In Its Class:

Internal Cables Of 5mm Silicone; Low Loss-High Tension Conductors Of Stranded Steel; Terminals And Outer Sheath Covering The Shielding Braid Are Made Of Durable Silicone To Guard Against Deterioration From Engine Heat, Moisture, Vibration And Air Pollution.

Easy Serviceability:

Individual Leads And Other Parts May Be Replaced Quickly And Economically.


Used, Tested, And Proved:

The Materials Quality, Engineering, Design, And Production Techniques; Which Went Into This Harness Are The Same Ones New Horizons Engineers Have Employed For Over Thirty Years To Meet The Standards Demanded By Airlines, Independent Operator And Professional Pilots Throughout The World.